New website!

Seeing what QCustomPlot has become, it’s about time.

opens its gates! The website was completely built from scratch(*). In fact, a custom content management system is working in the background. This will allow quick and easy updates of the website, while giving much more performance and flexibility than the WordPress CMS used for the old one. The old website will stay online for the other small components, that don’t reach the scale of QCustomPlot.

Since the comment section got quite crowded from time to time, I’ve also created a forum. It allows threaded discussions and a better overview of what’s hot. In the next days and weeks, I’ll be migrating the recent relevant comments from the old website to the forum.

(*) The first news post of the old website once promised I’d never build a website from scratch anymore, given what’s possible with WordPress. Well, unfortunately I’ve reached its limits as quickly as it was set up…

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